Swap Shop

Listen mornings on WABF for the Swap Shop. Buy, sell, or trade. The Swap Shop is on Monday-Saturday from 9:05-10:00 am The number to call is 928-9228. You can also put an item in our mail bag and we’ll read it when time allows! Email us at: wabf@eternitymg.com

Community Contact with Lori DuBose

Be sure and join Lori DuBose every weekday morning at 8:20 for“Community Contact” as she talks with community and civic leaders, event coordinators, and others about important happenings in and around the City of Fairhope. If you know of someone with an important event coming up in our area, please contact Lori at WABF by calling 251-928-2384 or send an email to wabf@eternitymg.com and let her know about it.
Click HERE for our guest lineup