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Listen mornings on WABF for the Swap Shop. Buy, sell, or trade. The Swap Shop is on Monday-Saturday from 9:05-10:00 am The number to call is 928-9228. You can also put an item in our mail bag and we’ll read it when time allows! Email us at: wabf@eternitymg.com

2 thoughts on “Swap Shop

  1. I absolutely LOVED the letter you shared this morning (June 19th) about the 62-year old wanting to enlist for active duty in the military VS sending 18- year olds ! Also the part about menopausal women serving as border security was PRICELESS. I can relate to all of this, growing up in a second generation military family (my father, maternal grandfather, and several uncles served) , as well as the fact that I am a 63 year old female.

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